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Environmental and Health Impact of Small-Scale Gold Mining Activities in Ibanda District of Uganda

B. A. Peter
O. M. Zakaria
S. A. Sabiki


In the recent past, artisanal small-scale gold mining activities in Kicuzi Subcounty, Ibanda District, Uganda, have had a severe influence on the environment and people's health. The study investigated the environmental and health impacts of small-scale. The questionnaires of 156 respondents were given to the Ibanda District's surrounding areas. The findings demonstrated that p-value is substantially associated with perception and the surroundings (p < 0.0005). The finding also demonstrates that p-value is substantially connected with the environment and health (p< 0.0005). The findings revealed that diarrhoea, skin illness, and injuries are the most common ailments in the population. As can be observed from the results, 75% of health workers admit that the health system in this municipality is not equipped to deal with mining-related health issues.