Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

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Removal of COD and Colour from Sanitary Landfill Leachate by using Coagulation – Fenton’s Process

OS Amuda


This study investigated two methods for the removal of COD and colour from
sanitary landfill leachates. The first method involved the use of  coagulation/flocculation process using FeCl3 as a conventional coagulant and Ca(OH)2 as base-precipitant. The second method involved integration of Fenton’s reagent into the coagulation/flocculation process. Concentration of FeCl3 that reduced chemical oxygen demand (COD), and color by 37 and
62% is 1000mg/l. Fenton-coagulation flocculation process reduced the COD and color of the leachates by 88 and 98% respectively. The optimum conditions for the effectiveness of Fenton’s reagent, namely temperature, pH, H2O2 and coagulant dose were studied. @JASEM
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