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Studies on the Epidemiology of Dracunculiasis in Ikwo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, Nigeria

ANC Amadi, JC Anosike, Moe Iwuala


Between April 1999 and March 2000 an epidemiological survey was conducted for prevalence and distribution of dracunculiasis in fifteen communities in Ikwo Local government area of Ebonyi State, Nigeria. A total of 4568 persons were examined out of which 640 (14.0%), had active cases of guinea worm. The disease was higher in males (15.0%) than in females (12.0%). However infection rates varied significantly among different villages, age and occupational groups (P<0.05) with fever (45%) and severe pain (35%) as their predominant symptoms. Disability associated with guinea worm infections in the area include crippling effect, lowered sexual activity and poor maternal attention (in females). Infection in the area depends on the source of water supply. Pond water users recorded more infection than the bore-hole/well users. Over 57.7% of persons examined filtered their water before drinking, while 26.13% did not supply treatment of any kind. The prevalence rate showed seasonal variations with 105 cases in the
month of March (16.4%) and 6 cases in the month of August (0.94%). Endemicity of dracunculiasis was encouraged by behavioural and cultural inclinations. @JASEM
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