Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

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Geoelectrical Evaluation of Waste Dump Sites at Warri and its Environ, Delta State, Nigeria

O Egwebe, CO Aigbogun, SO Ifedili


The existing waste dump sites in Delta State were investigated without soil disturbance by using the vertical electrical sounding (VES).The soil overlying the aquifer at Ovwian-Aladja dump site has resistively
values, 11.84-85.50 Ohm-m, thicknesses,21.10-31.83m and at depths less than 1m, while at Warri it has resistively values, 160-1074 Ohm-m, thicknesses, 1.53-7.87m, and at depths less than 1m. The soil overlying the aquifers in the dump sites have been identified and the implication to the quality of the sites discussed
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