Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

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A Review of Transport and Urban Air Pollution in Pakistan

SZ Ilyas


Nowadays air over major cities throughout the world has become over burdened with gases produced by automobiles. The death rate due to automobiles pollution is increasing rapidly in the metropolitan areas. With passage of time people realized that polluted air had serious effects on their health, climate and economics. Weather and climate have the integrated impact on human activities which are resulting in worldwide concentration of the particulate of environmental pollution viz.
chloroflorocarbons (CFCs), carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide, lead and several other dust and gaseous particles.The rapid growth in motor vehicle activity in Pakistan and other rapidly industrializing
low-income countries is contributing to high levels of urban air pollution, among other adverse socioeconomic, environmental, health, and welfare impacts. This paper first discusses the local, regional, and global impacts associated with air pollutant emissions resulting from motor vehicle activity, and the technological, behavioral, and institutional factors that have contributed to these emissions, in Pakistan.
The paper then discusses some implementation issues related to various policy measures that have been undertaken, and the challenges of the policy context. Finally, the paper presents insights and lessons based on the recent Pakistan experience, for better understanding and more effectively addressing the transport air pollution problem in Pakistan and similar countries, in a way that is sensitive to their needs,
capabilities, and constraints.
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