Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

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Determination of Formation Strata and Groundwater Potential in Sapele Metropolis and Environ

EC Okolie, JEA Osemeikhian, O Ujuanbi


This study was carried out in Sapele, Jesse and Oghara, Delta state to determine the groundwater potential by correlating results of seismic refraction survey and those of electrical resistivity studies. Fifteen vertical electrical sounding (VES) locations were sounded and nine seismic stations were shot to complement the study. The seismic results show that the area has generally three or four layer formations. The thin weathering layer with thickness of 1.0 - 3.5 m has velocity range of 250 – 350 m/s. while the velocities of second and third layers range from 900 -1400m/s to consolidated zone. The analysis of the VES data delineated 4 to 5 layers with HK and AKA curves types mainly and showed that the formation of the area is basically conducting which suggests the existence of heavy clay or clayey sand formations. Although the numbers of layers delineated differ, both methods indicate that viable aquifer at Sapele and Jesse is generally within 25m although false and contaminated aquifer may be intercepted at 10 -15 m. On the contrary, Oghara is more of sandy formation with aquifer above 35 m.
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