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Effect of Waste Dumps on Groundwater in Choba using Geophysical Method

SA Ugwu, JI Nwosu


The aim of this work is to investigate the effect of waste dumps on the groundwater in Choba using resistivity sounding method and laboratory water sample analysis. An ABEM SAS 1000 terrameter was used to
acquire data in two locations namely; at the dumpsite and at University Demonstration Secondary School adjudged to be free from dumps which served as a control. The result of the survey interpreted by 1P12 win and offix softwares shows two characteristic curve types: - Type A curve at the dumpsite and Type H curve at the University
Demonstration Secondary School. The result further indicates that the first two layers at the dumpsite has resistivities of 59.91 and 20.10 ohm.m respectively and at the Demonstration Secondary school as 173.00 and 512.00 ohm.m respectively, showing that the groundwater at the dumpsite is polluted because of the high conductivity . This was
confirmed by the laboratory water sample analysis from the environ. However, fresh uncontaminated water is got below 23m deep at the two sites. Niger Delta has multi aquifer systems, therefore geophysical survey is essential to locate at least the depth to the third aquifer which hopefully will give portable drinking water free of contamination
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