Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

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Influence of Fresh, Composted and Vermicomposted Parthenium hysterphorusand Poultry Droppings on Quality Parametres of Radish

B Vijayakumari, RH Yadav, AXV Raja


A pot culture experiment was carried out to assess the influence of fresh, composted and vermicomposted Parthenium and poultry droppings on the quality parameters of radish like protein, carbohydrates, phenolics, reducing sugar, total soluble sugars and chlorophylls on 45 and 60 DAS (Days After Sowing). The maximum protein content of radish was in T6 on 45 DAS. T2 and T7 had highest carbohydrates content on 45 and 60
DAS respectively. The reducing sugar was more in T11. Increased phenol content was found in T14 on 45 DAS and T7 on 60 DAS .Total soluble sugar was more in T13 on 45 DAS and T4 on 60 DAS .The Total chlorophylls was increased in T1 on 45 and T13 on 60 DAS.Chlorophyll “b” was more in T13 on 60 DAS
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