Evaluation of Solid Waste Generation, Categories and Disposal Options in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Nigeria

  • JO Babayemi
  • KT Dauda


The quantity and generation rate of solid wastes in Nigeria have increased at an alarming rate over the years with lack of efficient and modern technology for the management of the wastes. The generation rate, collection and disposal of solid wastes are functions of several factors which if well considered and appropriated could bring the desired solution to the waste management problems in Nigeria. The quantity and rate of solid waste generation in several cities in Nigeria, factors influencing the generation, solid waste types and categories, collection, disposal, reuse and recycling, and environmental problems were investigated in this study. The results indicated large generation at high rate without a corresponding efficient technology to manage the wastes. Of 201 respondents to questionnaire in Abeokuta, 35.8% used waste collection services, 64.2% used other waste disposal options, 16.4% used both, 68.7% and 58.7% were aware of waste collection service and waste management regulations, respectively; while 28.4% separated their solid wastes at source

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eISSN: 2659-1502
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