Seasonal Distribution of Nitrate and Nitrite Levels in Eleme Abattoir Environment, Rivers State, Nigeria.

  • HO Nwankwoala
  • D Pabon
  • PA Amadi


The study deals with the seasonal distribution of nitrate (NO3) and nitrite (NO2) levels in Eleme Abattoir environment. Samples of soil, surface water and groundwater were collected from areas unaffected and those affected by abattoir activities. For the soils from the affected area and control points respectively, nitrate levels were 2.42 mg/l and 1.30 mg/l in wet season and 12.0 mg/l and 6.40 mg/l in dry season. The corresponding values for nitrates were <0.02mg/l and <0.02mg/l in wet season and 71.1mg/l and 62.5mg/l in dry season. Surface water
samples showed nitrate composition of 0.99mg/l and 0.69mg/l in wet season and 0.44mg/l and 0.26mg/l in dry season in affected and unaffected areas, respectively. The respective concentrations of nitrates were <0.02mg/l and <0.02mg/l, and 0.70mg/l and 0.35mg/l. For the groundwater, nitrates during the dry and wet seasons were 0.28mg/l and 0.70mg/l whereas those of nitrates in both dry and wet seasons were 0.35mg/l and <0.02mg/l, respectively. In
both seasons, the nitrate and nitrite levels in the surface and groundwater of the study area fall within the WHO levels, but in the dry season, unsafe levels prevail in the soil affected by abattoir activity. It is recommended that there should be periodic evaluation of nitrate and nitrite levels in the area.

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eISSN: 2659-1502
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