Quantification and Distribution of Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PNAs) in Surface Waters in the Vicinity of Kokori Oil Field, Nigeria

  • OO Emoyan


The distribution pattern and sources of sixteen PANs listed as priority pollutants were investigated in eight composite water samples using Gas Chromatography (GC) with a Hawlett-Packard model 6890 with 30m x 0.28 capillary column. Analytical observation of the percentage distribution of PNAs concentration in the study area show that
%). The observed distribution of genotoxic (Gen.) and carcinogenic (Car.) PNAs and other PNAs in the study area show that the Gen. and Car PNAs recorded 29.58% over other PNAs with 70.42%. The percentage
distribution of low PNAs/high PNAs and ratio analysis show that this sources are petrogenic and pyrogenic but dominated with petrogenic PNAs

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eISSN: 2659-1502
print ISSN: 1119-8362