Planktonic Biodiversity of Bhoj Wetland, Bhopal, India

  • V Neelam
  • B Avinash
  • SN Dwivedi


Biodiversity found on Earth today consists of many millions of distinct biological species, which is the product of nearly 3.5 billion years of evolution. This article deals with planktonic distribution of Bhoj Wetland,
Bhopal, India . Bhoj Wetland comprises of two lakes i.e. Upper and Lower lakes of Bhopal. The Upper lake is shallow, highly stratified and oligotrophic lake while Lower lake is eutrophic lake. Samples were collected from
Upper lake at two sampling stations and in Lower lakes from three sampling stations with their reference stations. The work was carried out for a period of two year (i.e. 2005-2006) in these contrasting lakes.

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eISSN: 2659-1502
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