Some Proximate Analysis of African Pear (Dacryodes Edulis)

  • NC Onuegbu
  • NC Ihediohanma


Some physical and chemical properties of African pear (Dacryodes edulis) samples from nine different trees were analysed in order to determine the level of differences that exist between trees. The length of the
individual fruits ranged from 39.86 mm to 80.76 mm while the weight ranged from 15.97 g to 39.36 g. Significant differences (p . 0.05) were observed between the samples for all the parameters measured. Fruit density showed a negative correlation (r = -0.86) with the pulp/seed ratio. Significant differences were also observed in the proximate composition of the African pear pulp. The major components of the pulp were moisture (36.5% to 53.82%), oil (18.81% to 38.36%) and protein (11.09% to 19.19%). The pulp acidity ranged from 0.92% to 1.69% expressed as
citric acid.

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eISSN: 2659-1502
print ISSN: 1119-8362