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Assessment of Combustion and Potash Production as Options for Management of Wood Waste

J Babayemi
G Adewuyi


This study assessed combustion and potash production as options for management of wood waste. The percentage reduction in volume by combustion and potash generation potential of wood waste from nine
different common species of wood obtained from a wood factory in Ibadan were evaluated. Potash from the ashes was extracted with distilled water through a system of filtration. The amount of ash, in kilogram per cubic metre of saw dust, and the amount of potash, in kilogram per cubic metre of ash and kilogram per cubic metre of saw dust were determined. The volume of sawdust was reduced by 95% after combustion. The ash generated ranged between 1.42 – 15.18 Kg/m3; potash yield ranged between 4.74 – 53.76 Kg/m3 of ashes and 0.21 – 1.53 Kg/m3 of saw dust.