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A Survey on Antimicrobial Sensitivity Pattern of Different Antibiotics on Clinical Isolates of Escherichia coli Collected from Dhaka City, Bangladesh

M Shahriar, M Hossain, S Kabir


A study of antimicrobial sensitivity of Escherichia coli isolated from clinical sources of Medinova Diagnostic Center and Popular Diagnostic Center, Dhaka, Bangladesh was carried out to facilitate the preference of drug in the management of Escherichia coli induced symptoms. Very low sensitivity of E. coli towards ampicillin (4%), aztreonam (4%), cloxacillin (5%), nalidixic acid (5%), ciprofloxacin (7.5%), ceftriaxone (12.5%), doxycycline (12.5%), ceftazidime (16.25%), co-trimoxazole (20%), chloramphenicol (22.51%), tetracycline (25%), and netilmicin (35%) was observed. Higher sensitivity pattern was observed for gentamicin (56%) and only imipenem (95%) has shown sensitivity pattern possibly susceptible enough to consider for the management of E. coli induced cases in the area under study. The low sensitivity to different antimicrobial could be attributed to their prevailing usage and abuse in the area under study.
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