Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

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Evaluation of Dyestuff Removal by Shea Nut (Vitellaria paradoxa) shells

AU Itodo, HU Itodo, MK Gafar


The removal of textile dyestuff from waste water was investigated in a batch sorption process using shea nut (Vitellaria paradoxa) shell activated carbon. The data were tested using the Rudishkevich – Dubinin and Temkin isotherm models.  The result showed that removal efficiency increases with increase in contact  time. This critical study which utilizes these more recent adsorption isotherms  was found to present the mean free energy values (ED =1.036 – 1.406 kJmol-1) as a direct proportionality to the theoretical saturation capacities (qD = 2.032 – 4.169mgg-1). Sorption energy values proves to be higher for biosorbent, SS/A/15 (1.364 KJmol-1) ,which also gave the corresponding higher adsorption capacity (4.169 mgg-1) than the other three biosorbent in the series. A thermodynamic parameter (ΔG) was investigated to be more negative with sorbent – dye contact time, within the equilibration limit. The Close similarities of analytical results to those reported in reviewed literature, and the good degree of adsorption is an indication that using shea nut shells as a low cost biomass for generating activated carbon could be a feasible outlet in bioremediation. @JASEM

J. Appl. Sci. Environ. Manage. December, 2010, Vol. 14 (4) 163 - 168
AJOL African Journals Online