Mineralization of Nitrogen in Hydromorphic Soils Amended with Organic Wastes

  • CMA Iwegbue
  • FN Emuh
  • AO Bazunnu
  • O Eguavoen
Keywords: N-immobilization, Mineralization, Wetland soils, Niger Delta, Nigeria


This paper present the results of nitrogen mineralization in hydromorphic (wetland) soils of the Niger Delta amended with organic wastes. The organic wastes amended soil generally showed a decrease in total inorganic (NO3-N+NH3-N) released within first 14 days, which increased thereafter. The nitrogen mineralized during 58 day of incubation ranged from 82.15 mg kg-1 to 281.60 mg kg-1 for fadamal soil, 54.50 mg kg-1 to 197.30 mg kg-1
for meander belt soil and 98.50 mg kg-1 to 320.00 mg kg-1 for Mangrove soil (mangal acid sulphate soils). The order of cumulative nitrogen released in the waste amended soil followed the order: sewage sludge>kitchen waste> poultry manure> oil palm waste> cow manure. Total mineralized N indicated negative correlation with total organic N and C:N ratio

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2659-1502
print ISSN: 1119-8362