Levels of Pb, Fe, Cd and Co in Soils of Automobile Workshop in Osun State, Nigeria

  • OO Abidemi


The disposal of waste of all kinds in auto-repair workshop areas in Nigeria is becoming alarming. The study looks into the contribution of different sections in auto-repair workshop to heavy metal pollution in soil .Thirty –two soil samples were collected at an auto-repair workshop in Osogbo, Ikirun, Iragbiji and Iree in Osun State for their cobalt, iron , lead and cadmium level at different sections namely: auto-mechanic
unit, auto welding unit, auto electrician unit and auto painting unit using atomic absorption spectrophotometer.The highest cobalt concentration was obtained in Iree at the auto welding unit, (17.25± 1.10mg/kg), iron had its highest level in Ikirun at the auto-mechanic unit (43937± 35mg/kg) , lead had its highest concentration in Iree at the auto welding unit (2460±16 mg/kg) and cadmium with the highest in Iree at the auto welding unit as well (2.02 ±1.01 mg/kg).Sites studied had higher levels of heavy metals compared to control areas. The general trend of dispersion of metal contamination within the soil profile is iron>> lead>> cobalt>cadmium. Statistical analysis reveals correlation between lead/iron (r = 0.636) at p<0.01. This work reveals the individual contribution of various allied artisans to soil pollution in automobile workshop. The research serves
as an important contribution to the database on the baseline qualities of Nigerian soil.

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