Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management - Vol 9, No 1 (2005)

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Table of Contents


Molecular analysis of cross-bacterial contamination detected in biotin-free buffers during diagnosis of HCV infections
El-Rashdy M Redwan, Desouky Abd-El-Haleem
Enteric pathogen modification by anaecic earthworm, Lampito Mauritii
A Ganesh Kumar, G Sekaran
HIV/AIDS awareness study of fresh students in tertiary institutions in Rivers State of Nigeria
SN Ibe
Characterization and preferred oviposition sites of Atherigona orientalis (Schiner) on Nigerian pepper fruits
O K Ogbalu, N J T Emelike, E I Amachree, F Uche, C N Thomas
Activity of Zymomonas species in palm-sap obtained from three areas in Edo State, Nigeria.
O Obire
Estimate of groundwater in parts of Niger Delta area of Nigeria using geoelectric method
EC Okolie, JEA Osemeikhian, MB Asokhia
Effect of pH and nutrient starvation on biodegradation of azo dyes by Pseudomonas sp
NA Oranusi, CJ Ogugbue
Geochemical implication of some chemical fossils as indicators of petroleum source rocks
LC Osuji, BS Antia
New solutions of stokes problem for an oscillating plate using Laplace transform
Ehsan Ellahi Ashraf, Muhammad R Mohyuddin
Flood risk assessment: a review
TE Ologunorisa, MJ Abawua
A preliminary evaluation of otamiri river sands for the production of plain glass
FA Ushie, EO Esu, GJ Udom
Health impact assessment of mangrove vegetation in an oil spilled site at the Bodo West field in Rivers State, Nigeria
CI Umechuruba
Caladium bicolor and wild Dioscorea dumetorum starches as dual purpose polymer additive
Saviour A Umoren
Bacteriological water quality of Elechi creek in Port Harcourt, Nigeria
O Obire, DC Tamuno, SA Wemedo
Antidiabetic effect of chloroform - methanol extract of Abrus precatorius linn seed in alloxan diabetic rabbit
CC Monago, EO Alumanah
Error estimation in the numerical solution of rational functions
FO Akinpelu, AA Adetunde, EO Omidiora
Fish distribution in a small domestic water supply reservoir: a case study of Kangimi Reservoir, Kaduna, Nigeria
JK Balogun
Effect of carbamate molluscicide on African giant land snail Limicolaria Aurora
IE Ebenso, B Ita, EP Umoren, M Ita, W Binang, G Edet, M Izah, IO Udo, G Ibanga, EE Ukpong
Remediation of crude oil contaminated soil by enhanced natural attenuation technique
OAT Ebuehi, IB Abibo, PD Shekwolo, KI Sigismund, A Adoki, IC Okoro
Optimal design of wastewater treatment plant using adaptive simulated annealing
L Govindarajan, Kumar Krishna, T Karunanithi
Effect of heavy metal on survival of certain groups of indigenous soil microbial population
Iqbal Ahma, S Hayat, A Ahmad, A Inam, Samiullah
Heavy metal biosorption potential of Aspergillus and Rhizopus sp. isolated from wastewater treated soil
Iqbal Ahmad, Shaheen Zafar, Farah Ahmad
Evaluation of the effect of temperature on the stability of metal soaps of dicarboxylic acids
EU Ikhuoria, FE Okieimen, A I Aigbodion
The interface between architecture and agriculture in Nigeria: an environmental perspective
Napoleon Ono Imaah
Potability of drinking water in an oil impacted community in Southern Nigeria
Alfred Young Itah, Comfort E Akpan
Studies on a-Se/n-Si and a-Te/n-Si heterojunctions
SE Iyayi, AA Oberafo
Evaluation of Algae from the effluent of Dandot cement company, Dandot, Pakistan
TM Khattak, Noor Zaman Bhatti, Ghulam Murtaza
Proximate composition and levels of some toxicants in four commonly consumed spices
NM Nwinuka, GO Ibeh, GI Ekeke
Geoelectric investigation of the aquifer characteristics and groundwater potential in Kwale, Delta State, Nigeria
JO Oseji, EA Atakpo, EC Okolie
Underside corrosion of above ground storage tanks (ASTs)
A Rim-Rukeh, PA Okokoyo
Evaluation of the potential of some local spices as stored grain protectants against the maize weevil Sitophilus zeamais Mots (Coleoptera: Curculionidae
IO Udo
Effect of the infection of Callosobruchus maculatus (Fab.) on the weight Loss of Stored Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp)
OC Umeozor
Study of the hibiscus esculentus mucilage coagulation–flocculation activity
B Yao, E Assidjo, S Gueu, G Ado
Multivariate analyses of heavy metals in soils and Colophospermum mopane leaves around the Selebi Phikwe nickel-copper mine and smelter/concentrator plant area, Botswana
E Georges-Ivo Ekosse, J Catherine Ngila, Ntonghanwah Forcheh
Assessment of Asa river: impact of waste discharge from soft drink plant into Asa river, Ilorin, Nigeria
OAA Eletta, FA Adekola, MA Aderanti
Seasonal variations of physico-chemical characteristics in water resources quality in Western Niger Delta region, Nigeria
SI Efe, FE Ogban, M Horsfall, EE Akporhonor

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