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Participation and performance of root crops scientists on cassava research and development in south eastern Nigeria

F.N. Nwakor
A.I. Olaniyi
N.C. Ezebuiro
C Kadurumba


The study was conducted among cassava crops research scientists in Abia State Nigeria in order to evaluate their participation and performance in cassava research. The study described the socio economic characteristics of the researchers ascertain their level of participation in different research activities, identify their achievements in cassava technology development and the constraints militating against cassava research in the area. Data for the study were collected by the means of structured questionnaire from sixty two scientists at the National Root Crops Research Institute, Umudike. Data collected were analyzed by means of descriptive statistics such as frequency distribution tables, percentages, means and inferential statistics. The result of the study showed that 64.25% of respondents were young scientists between the age of 31-40 years and 90.32% of them have their and PhD in Agriculture, 87.09% and 80.65% of respondents were involved in problem identification and research planning activities. Mean  x̄ of 2.74, 2.68 and 2.58 showed high participation of respondents in cassava research activities. The study also showed the researchers agreement to the various technologies developed on cassava by researchers. Mean of 2.0 and above showed an agreement. Hundred(100) percent of the researchers indicated fund as the major constraint to cassava research in the study, followed by lack of motivation by government (96.77%), high cost of research (93.54%) and weed control problem (90.32%). It was recommended that researchers should increase their participation in research activities. Fund and motivational aids should be made available to researchers for a reliable research outcome.

Keywords: Participatory, Performance, Root/tuber Crops, Scientists, and Cassava

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eISSN: 1595-7470