Journal of Agriculture and Social Research (JASR)

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Determinants Of Cattle Farmers Particiaption In Farmers Organization In Hamadan Province Of Iran

A Alambeigi, S Zarifian, A Rezaei


The study focused on determinants of cattle farmers particiaption in farmers organization in Hamadan province of Iran. Data was colleted from 75 randomly selected respondents with the aid of a questionnaire. Data were analyzed using percentage, mean score, analysis of variance and factor analysis. The findings revealed that the 5 factors deterring the participation were extracted. The first factor is called the individually motivated factor. It comprised 27.97 percents of the total variance as the most efficacious factor. The rest of the determinants known as the structural factor, the cultural factor, the membership factor, the coverage factor, express 17.38%, 12.32%, 7.29% and 5.85% of the total variances of the variables of the factors deterring the participation. These 5 determinants express 70.73% of the total variances of the variables. 29.27% of the variance pertain the factors or variables which have not been regarded in this research.

Keywords: agricultural organizations, participation, deterring factors, Hamadan Province

Journal of Agriculture and Social Research Vol. 8 (1) 2008: pp. 125-133
AJOL African Journals Online