Patterns of mudskipper consumption in selected fishing communities of Rivers State

  • OM Edun
  • OA Akinrotimi
  • A Uka
  • KN Owhonda
Keywords: Mudskippers, fish, consumption, food, communities


A study on patterns of mudskipper consumption in selected fishing communities of Rivers State, was carried out, to determine the consumption rate, size preference, price mechanism and preparation methods of this species among the people living in these areas. A structured questionnaire was administered to 120 randomly selected respondents’ communities across 3 LGA of the state. The results obtained from the study indicated that consumption of mudskipper was more acceptable among the old than the young people. Mudskippers are being sold more in fresh form (70.83%), rather than smoked ones (20.87%). On the mode of utilization of Mudskippers, it was discovered that it is more used in preparation of native soup (45.83%), than other consumption variables such as stew, condiment and pepper soup. The price of mudskippers varies from one, community to another and ranges between N20/kg to N200/kg, with the average price of N50/kg (35.83%) and N100/kg (30. 83%) making it one of the cheapest fishery products. This makes it accessible and affordable to most people in these communities.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1595-7470