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Application Of Electrical Resistivity Method In Coastal Hydro-Geological Survey

KF Oyedele
EA Meshida
J Akinrimisi


The viability of electrical resistivity method to investigate saltwater intrusion into coastal freshwater aquifers in Lagos (Nigeria) has been assessed. The inter-relationship of the aquifers and prevailing hydro-geologic conditi-ons causing incessant seawater intrusion was also established. Data from Schlumberger geoelectric soundings based on electrical resistivity were correlated with borehole data to provide information on the freshwater-saltwater interfaces, and the depths to freshwater bearing units in the coastal areas. The results indicated that re-sistivity contrasts can be adopted for economic evaluation of groundwater development in coastal areas.

Journal of Applied Science and Technology Vol. 12 (1&2) 2007: pp. 65-70