Scale-up operations of CuSOB4B-NaB2BSOB4B electrolytic wastewater cell

  • BA Olufemi
  • OO Oyewo
  • KV Okiy


Scale-up techniques were established for an Inclined Cathode Electrochemical Cell (ICEC) for the removal of copper ions from a CuSOB4B-NaB2BSOB4B solution at reduced operation power consumption. The scale-up relationshi-ps were derived and applied in conjunction with scale-up factors. With a scale-up factor of 2, the prototype con-sumed an average power of about 46.3 % of the model values, while a prototype with scale-up factor of 3 requi-red an average power of about 23.0 % of the model counterparts. The highest average current efficiency for a scale-up factor of 2 was 47.6 %, but was 65.6 % for a scale-up factor of 3, compared to a maximum value of 46.1 % for the models. Concentration of copper ions was reduced to a low value of 0.3 ppm from a value of 100.0 ppm when a scale-up factor of 3 was used. The performance of the ICEC was satisfactory as compared with benchmark data obtainable in the electrochemical industry.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0855-2215