Semi-empirical equivalent field method for dose determination in midline block fields for cobalt - 60 beam

  • SNA Tagoe
  • EK Nani
  • J Yarney
  • C Edusa
  • K Quayson-Sackey
  • M Nyamadi
  • E Sasu


For teletherapy treatment time calculations, midline block fields are resolved into two fields, but neglecting scat-tering from other fields, the effective equivalent square field size of the midline block is assumed to the resultant field. Such approach is underestimation, and may be detrimental in achieving the recommended uncertainty of ± 5 % for patient’s radiation dose delivery. By comparison, the deviations of effective equivalent square field sizes by calculations and experiments were within 13.2 % for cobalt 60 beams of GWGP80 cobalt 60 telethera-py. Therefore, a modified method incorporating the scatter contributions was adopted to estimate the effective equivalent square field size for midline block field. The measured outputs of radiation beams with the block were compared with outputs of square fields without the blocks (only the block tray) at depths of 5 and 10 cm for the teletherapy machine employing isocentric technique, and the accuracy was within ± 3 % for the cobalt 60 beams.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0855-2215