Chemical and organoleptic evaluation of Moi-moi based on fermented wateryam, Cocoyam, plantain, African yam bean, cowpea, pigeon pea and corn flours

  • US Onoja


The chemical composition and organoleptic attributes of moi-moi (boiled cowpea paste) based on blends of fermented Wateryam (WY), Cocoyam (CY), Plantain (PT), African Yam Bean (AYB), Cowpea (CP), Pigeon pea (PP) and Corn (C) flours were determined. The foods were separately purchased, cleaned, fermented for 24h, dried and hammer milled into fine flours (40mesh screen). The composite flours were produced at a ratio of 70:30 (protein basis) to prepare moi-moi. Cowpea flour (100%) served as the control. The nutrient content of the moi-moi and its organoleptic properties were evaluated using standard procedures. The products had high protein (24.20%– 28.37%), fat (2.7%-3.57%) and carbohydrates (62.77%-68.72%). The mineral levels were moderate except for phosphorus whose values ranged from 410–678mg. The control had the least value of phosphorous (226.00mg). The products were highly accepted except for the AYB24C24WY24 blend. The CP24C24CY24PT24 blend was much more accepted (7.60) as against those of the other test samples. Only the AYB24C24WY24 blend had a score below 50% of the hedonic scale. The PP24C24WY24 and the CP24C24CY24PT24 moi-moi were generally accepted. The composites could be used to prepare traditional complementary foods..

Journal of Biomedical Investigation Vol. 5 (1) 2007: pp. 37-43

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eISSN: 1597-0043