Evaluation of Quality Management System (QMS) in Tanzania construction companies

  • T Shio


In this paper, Quality Management System (QMS) in Tanzania Construction Companies is evaluated and ways to enhance quality excellence are suggested. To achieve the goal, questionnaires survey of companies and interview were administered to 22 randomly selected construction companies based in Dar es Salaam. Research shows that the top management had paid very little attention in setting quality policy, establishing quality objectives, conducting management review and communicating to subordinates the importance of meeting customer requirements. Regarding resource management, companies had paid very little attention to human resource and provision of other resources. Generally, companies had paid little attention in improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. The findings add to the stock of knowledge on understanding the implementation of Quality Management System (QMS) in developing countries like Tanzania.

Keywords: Quality, Quality Management System, Construction


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eISSN: 0856-0501