Sources of Information and Knowledge on HIV/AIDS for Construction Workers in Selected Sites in Tanzania

  • S. Lukwale
  • G. Kikwasi
Keywords: HIV/AIDS, information sources, knowledge, preventive measures, construction workers.


Construction sites attract many people with varying skills and thus are appropriate workplaces to provide HIV/AIDS related information as well as acquire knowledge on HIV/AIDS preventive measures as a means of supplementing efforts towards attaining “zero new HIV infection”. The objective of the study was to assess sources of information and knowledge of HIV/AIDS preventive measures on selected construction sites in Tanzania. The study adopted cross section research design. The population of the study was all active construction sites employing more than fifty workers. The sample size of 20 construction sites was taken and sites studied were selected using purposive sampling method. A self-administered questionnaire and literature review were used in data collection. Data was analysed using descriptive statistics, Relative Agreement Index (RAI) and Independent- Samples T-Test. Findings reveal that information on HIV/AIDS for construction workers somehow came from billboards, books and fliers; TV programmes and mobile phones or social networks. Besides, access to sources of HIV /AIDS between age groups of 15 to 24 and over 24 years old differ significantly in television programmes, daily or weekly site meetings, social awareness programmes and mobile phones or social networks. On the other hand, knowledge of HIV/AIDS preventive measures among construction workers is relatively high for most of the measures assessed. Similarly, on the basis of sex, male and female knowledge differs significantly on being faithful to one uninfected partner. The study concludes that sources of HIV/AIDS information on construction sites are limited while knowledge of HIV/AIDS preventive measure is generally high. The study recommends that Contractors Registration Board, Occupational Safety and Health Authority and Local Government Authorities should include HIV/AIDS issues in the checklist of items to be inspected on construction sites, and, clients and their consultants should provide for HIV/AIDS information and educative programmes in tender documents.

Key words: HIV/AIDS, information sources, knowledge, preventive measures, construction workers.


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eISSN: 0856-0501