Subtitling as a Vector for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Patriotism

  • Lum Suzanne Ayonghe
  • Godson Enowmbi Besong
Keywords: Translation, Bilingualism, Patriotism, Vector, Subtitling


This paper is aimed at showing that subtitling can be used to foster bilingualism and patriotism in Cameroon. The objectives are to investigate how deeply rooted the practice of audiovisual translation is in local media outlets, focusing on how it can help in promoting bilingualism; promote the use of subtitling in the Cameroonian audiovisual media landscape; and assess the pivotal role of the audiovisual translator in this sector. A sample of 151 persons was used. Questionnaires were administered to respondents and stakeholders were interviewed in two media houses: Hi TV and CRTV. Hi TV is based in an English-speaking region, and CRTV is a State-owned media house and believed to have the widest audience in the country. Findings revealed that subtitling does not only provide TV viewers with information in their second official language, but also enables them to improve on their reading and writing skills, as well as their bilingualism, among others. Subtitling is not advanced in media houses in Cameroon. Recommendations were made to  improve on the practice of subtitling in media houses in Cameroon. These include increasing the level of subtitled programmes  broadcast on TV stations, raising awareness on the importance of media information access by the hearing impaired; creating an  audiovisual translation unit in each TV broadcasting house and recruiting audiovisual translators; voting of laws to make the subtitling of some, if not, all TV programmes broadcast by Cameroonian TV channels mandatory; educating the public on the importance of subtitling by gradually introducing them to viewers through TV programmes, so that their eyes and mind could progressively get used to watching subtitled material and thus avoid total rejection of the subtitles; and training more audiovisual translators in Cameroon.

Key words: Translation, Bilingualism, Patriotism, Vector, Subtitling


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print ISSN: 2617-3948