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Enzymatic Profiles of Activated Sludge from a Wastewater Treatment Plant with Foaming Incident

Mulugeta Kibret
Walter Somitsch
Karl-Heinz Robra


Activated sludge samples collected from a treatment plant, with foaming experience in the month of July, was characterized enzymatically. Hexokinase, Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase and Adenylate kinase activity assays were conducted before, during and after the foaming episode. The spectrum of enzyme activities demonstrated change in the biochemical activity of the activated sludge, with peaks in the foaming month. Significant difference in enzyme activities was found between the foaming and nonfoaming months. The potential use of these enzymes in foam prevention and control is implied. Foaming incident was associated with increase in phosphate and lipid contents in the influent.

Journal of Civil Engineering, JKUAT (2001) Vol 6, 1-12