A Local Approach Methodology for the Analysis of Ultimate Strength of Uncracked Tubular Joints

  • S. Ochieng Abuodha Department of Civil Enginering, University of Nairobi, Kenya
  • F. M. Burdekin Department of Civil and Structural Enginering, UMIST, Manchester, UK
Keywords: Constraint, Plastic strain, Von mises stress


The local approach methodology in contrast to classical fracture mechanics can be used to predict the onset of tearing fracture, and the effects of geometry in tubular joints. Finite element analysis of T-joints plate geometries, and tubular joints has been done. The parameters of constraint, equivalent stress, plastic strain and maximum principal strain have been used. Sub-modelling using the finite element package ABAQUS, was necessitated in order to obtain the high state of stress at the weld toe. The load at which onset of tearing occurs has been well predicted by the local approach method. Local weld toe grinding can be used to increase substantially the load at which tearing starts. Tubular joints with thicker chords will commence ductile tearing at a lower load than those with thinner chords.

Journal of Civil Engineering Research and Practice Vol.1(2) 2004: 91-106

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1729-5769