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Sources of Support:

-Sales of hard copies

-Annual association fee from the members

Peer Review:

The review of the manuscripts takes place in five stages:

1st stage: Preliminary check-up of manuscripts

Chief Editor collects the manuscripts and check them if they have conformed to the stipulated CHALUFAKITA Journal conditions.  This includes number of words, font type and size, etc.

Manuscripts which seem not to conform to several conditions are rejected outright. Manuscripts which seem to conform to the conditions are subjected into the second stage.

2nd stage: Blind peer review

Solicitation of reviewers is done by journal editors. These are obviously Kiswahili scholars mainly from universities whose expertise match with fields of the submitted manuscripts. Reviewers are requested to blindly review manuscripts while abiding to the reviewers guidelines, and Ethics and Malpractice Policy of the Journal. Every manuscript is sent to three reviewers.

After reviewer has finished reviewing the manuscript, he/she sends it back to the Chief Editor who confirms the comments from the reviewer and sends it to the author who is asked to work on the comments in a certain duration depending on the intensity of comments. The maximum duration given to the author to work on comments is one month.  Authors may keep on receiving comments as many times a possible depending on the way he/she responds to them. This is done for good so as to attain credible papers.

At this stage, if all three reviewers have given a recommendation that the paper is unpublishable, then it is rejected outright. Some papers are accepted after authors have addressed well reviewers’ comments. Other authors whose manuscripts have major corrections/comments which cannot be worked out within one month, they are given enough time to work on the major comments and request them to re-submit for the next issue.

3rd stage: Harmonisation of accepted paper for publication

Editors of the journal refine the accepted papers; this includes: more language editing, confirming that all papers conform to journal conditions, to crosscheck consistency etc. 

4th Stage:  Seeking approval from the Advisory Board members

A draft (Issue) containing accepted papers is sent to Advisory Board members. They also recheck them, if there is any potential suggestion, it is taken into consideration.

5th Stage: Typesetting and publication

The papers are well typeset and are published in hard copy and online.

Open Access Policy:

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Publication Scheduling:

Annually (once per year)


Subscription information

Online access of articles is free; hard copy is sold 5,000 Tshs

Please contact the publisher directly.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2591-7013
print ISSN: 2665-0789