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Sub-chorionic Haematoma: Has it a prognostic relevance in Pregnancy Outcome?

Arthur C Ikeme, Hyginus U Ezegwui, SO Mgbor


Aim: To evaluate the significance of sub-chorionic haematoma found in patients with first trimester vaginal bleeding , on pregnancy outcome.

Method: This is a prospective study. Five hundred and thirty six patients with first trimester bleeding had abdomino – pelvic ultrasound. Forty-seven patients had sonographic evidence of subchorionic haematoma. The pregnancy was followed up in the forty – seven patients.

Result: Spontaneous abortion occurred in 13 patients (27.7%) premature labour in 12 patients (25.5) and spontaneous term vaginal birth in 22 patients (46.8). There was no sonographic evidence of ectopic pregnancy and trophoblastic disease.

Conclusion: Majority of the patients who had sub-chorionic haematoma had a normal term pregnancy. However if the subchorionic haematoma was extensive and associated with passage of dark blood clots per vaginam the prognosis for the fetus was poor.

Key words: First trimester bleeding, sub-chorionic haematoma, pregnancy outcome.

(J College Med: 2003 8(1): 36-39)

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