Stress As Perceived By Educational Administrators.

  • Chika Josephine Ifedili Institute of continuing education, Benin city.


. Background: Individuals react differently to stress and there is a general feeling that the much needed relaxed disposition among educational administrators has been on the decrease. This study therefore examined how some demographic variables affect the perception of the various school stressors by educational administrators in Edo state of Nigeria.

Materials and Methods: A random sample of 17.6%of educational administrators participated in the study (22 males and 38 females). The instrument of the study was constructed by the researcher and titled school management stressors (SMS).

Results: Both male and female administrators perceived the stressors in the same way. Age of the administrators affected the way the stressors are perceived. The stressors that affected the administrators most were; students indiscipline, energy demand, crowded classrooms and inadequate provision of funds by the government.

Conclusion: the supervising bodies should take cognisance of the above findings and find ways of ameliorating them. This will loosen the burden on the administrators and bring out the much needed efficient management of schools.

Key words: stress, educational administrators, Edo state

[Jnl College of Medicine Vol.7(1) 2002: 35-37]

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eISSN: 1118-2601