Recurrent Carcinoma in Mastectomy Scars

  • Wilson IB Onuigbo Medical Foundation & Clinic, Enugu, Nigeria
Keywords: Breast Carcinoma, Mastectomy, Recurrence, Igbos


Aim: To study the patterns of recurrence of carcinoma in mastectomy scars.

Methods: A 30?year retrospective analysis was carried out as regards surgical specimens . of mastectomy scars received by the author from numerous surgeons working in several hospitals with special reference to patients of the Igbo ethnic group.

Results: During 1970?2000, 45 Igbo women developed recurrent disease after undergoing mastectomy for carcinoma. They were aged between 24 and 67 years, the average being 44.6 years which is similar to 45.3 years reported from Japan. Disease free interval ranged from 3 months to 7 years. Incidentally, a woman, who was free for 10 years, presented with three painful nodules which were excised for presumed recurrence " but these turned out not to be cancerous but considerable scar tissue associated with abscesses, calcific materials and disintegrated sutures. The youngest Igbo patient, aged 24 years, was of the same age as the youngest sufferer in a Swedish series. Interestingly, this same age featured in a historical case of recurrent breast cancer reported way back in 1876.

Conclusions: Surgical specimens received from 20 surgeons working in 13 hospitals situated in 9 towns provided a wide enough spectrum for epidemiological comparison with world?wide publications. It is concluded that the research is in agreement with two needs expressed in the literature, namely, "cancer of the breast (should be) evaluated and treated in a rather stable community" and "there is need for international comparative .studies."

Key Words: Breast Carcinoma, Mastectomy, Recurrence, Igbos.

Journal of College of Medicine Vol.9(1) 2004: 1-3

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Wilson IB Onuigbo, Medical Foundation & Clinic, Enugu, Nigeria
Correspondence to: Prof. Wilson I. B. Onuigbo, Medical Foundation and Clinic, 8 Nsukka Lane, P. O. Box 1792, Enugu, Nigeria 400001.

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