Patterns of Utilization, Surgical Pathology Services, Enug-Umuahia Axis.

  • A E Aghaji
  • F O Ugwumba
Keywords: Male infertility, Evaluation, Management


Aim: To review the subject of male infertility with emphasis on evaluation and management modalities. Materials and Methods: A literature search was carried out on MEDLINE, and reference texts consulted, the relevant results were reviewed in line with the aims of the study. Results: Male infertility accounts for a significant proportion of the aetiology of infertility worldwide. Causes range from subtle genetic defects such as microdeletions on the Y chromosome, syndromes such as Kartagener's syndrome to acquired lesions such as varicocoele and pyospermia secondary to urinary tract infections. Evaluation is based on thorough and itemized history taking, focused clinical examination and semen analysis, with the addition of other adjunctive investigations when necessary. Conclusions: Male infertility when properly evaluated can reveal treatable causes that result in good pregnancy rates, and is a cost effective method that should be carried out in most cases, rather than bypassed in favour of immediate entry into ARTS(Assisted Reproductive Techniques) that are more expensive and have a more serious complication profile.

Keywords: Male infertility,Evaluation, Management

Journal of College of Medicine Vol. 12 (2) 2007: pp. 102-110

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eISSN: 1118-2601