Assessment of office furniture and knowledge of work ergonomics among bank workers in Enugu metropolis

  • CI Ezema
  • AA Amaeze
Keywords: Ergonomics, bank workers, office furniture, computer.


Background: Poor posture when maintained for a long period can result in musculoskeletal injuries and deformities.
Aims: This study aimed at investigating the knowledge of work ergonomics among bank workers, and the ergonomic compliance of office furniture used in some banks, in Enugu metropolis.
Methods: This is a cross-sectional study. 160 tables and computer tables and 180 low back chairs were assesses for their compliance with ergonomic standard while, 300 bank workers were interviewed on their knowledge of work ergonomics using an ergonomic measurement guide. Only low back chairs with arm rest were assessed. The measurements taken include monitor height, keyboard height, seat height (using tape rule) and seat back angle (using goniometer).The seats were also assessed for availability of back support at the lumber region. The data was analyzed descriptively.
Results: The results showed that 35% of the monitor heights were normal, all the keyboard heights (100%) normal, all seat heights (low back chair) (100%) normal, 70% of seatback angle normal while, only 18.9% of seats had lumbar support. The knowledge of the bank workers on the work ergonomics showed that none (0%) of the workers knew about the ideal heights of monitor, keyboard, seat, seat back angle, need for lumbar support on seat, the eye distance from monitor and arm angle while operating computer. Only 5% of the workers knew the ideal ergonomic posture.                                                                                                Conclusion: The ergonomic compliance of the office furniture was not optimal while, the ergonomic knowledge of the bank workers was very poor.

Key words: Ergonomics, bank workers, office furniture, computer.


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