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Community perception of quality of health care received and client satisfaction in Lagos, Nigeria

M.R. Akinyinka
E.O. Oluwole
O.O. Odusanya


Background: Quality of health care and client satisfaction are key elements in improving the performance of health systems. A community-based assessment was conducted to determine the level of client satisfaction and the perception of the quality of services received by citizens of Lagos State.

Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study using both quantitative and qualitative methods, was conducted in four local government areas of Lagos State. Respondents were selected by multi-stage sampling technique. The survey instruments included an interviewer-administered, pre-tested questionnaire and a 10-itemed focus group discussion guide.

Results: Two thousand respondents with a mean age of 37.6±10.21 years were recruited. Almost all respondents (98%) rated the health facilities to be clean, 96% felt they received effective treatment from their providers. Six out of ten respondents rated the waiting time to be short and 60% felt that most drugs were available. Eight-five percent opined that the quality of care received was good and 95% were satisfied with the services received. There was a significant correlation between quality of care and client satisfaction (ρ=0.145, p=0.001). Short waiting time was predictive of client satisfaction (OR=13.9, 95%CI, 5.68-33.33, p<0.001) and confidence in health care providers was predictive of both client satisfaction (OR=3.489, 95%CI, 1.554-7.835, p<0.001) and perception of good service quality (OR=2.234, 95%CI, 1.509-3.308, p<0.001).

Conclusion: Adequate attention needs to be paid to factors affecting client satisfaction and perception of good service quality.

Keywords: Quality; Client satisfaction; Health services; Health systems; Lagos