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Prevalence and Correlates of Reproductive Morbidity among Female Traders in Ibadan Nigeria

O.O. Ojifinni
O.K. Ige
O.A. Popoola
M.C. Asuzu


Background: Efforts to mobilise resources for reproductive health services require data on common reproductive morbidities which constitute a significant proportion of global ill-health among women of reproductive age. This study assessed the prevalence and correlates of reproductive morbidity among female traders of reproductive age in Ibadan, Nigeria.
Methods: Using systematic random sampling, 410 female traders aged 15-49 years were selected and data collected with interviewer-administered structured questionnaires in a cross-sectional study at a major Ibadan market. Univariate, bivariate and multivariate analysis were done using SPSS version 23.0 and WINPEPI version 11.65 at 5% significance level.
Results: The respondents’ mean age was 34.6±7.8 years and 223 (58.7%) had secondary education. Most 349 (91.8%) had experienced reproductive morbidity, of which 279 (79.9%) had gynaecologic morbidities with menstrual problems (273; 97.8%) being the commonest; 262 (75.1%) had obstetric morbidities among whom 221 (84.4%) had pregnancy complications while 185 (53.0%) experienced intimate partner violence (IPV). Women aged 30-39 years had lower odds of any reproductive (OR=0.27; 95% CI=0.08–0.89) and obstetric morbidities (OR=0.18; 95% CI=0.10–0.31) while those ≥40years had twice the odds of gynaecologic morbidity (OR=2.18; 95% CI=1.22–3.90) as those <30 years. The odds of IPV and of experiencing any reproductive morbidity reduced with increasing wealth status.
Conclusion: Reproductive morbidity is common among traders in Ibadan. Obstetric and gynaecological morbidities were commoner among older women while higher wealth status was a protective factor. Reproductive health interventions should prioritise older and poorer women as at-risk groups for gynaecological interventions.

Keywords: Reproductive morbidity; Female traders; Pregnancy complications; Menstrual problems; Intimate partner violence; Ibadan

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