Knowledge of Factors Contributing to Child Malnutrition among Mothers of Under-five Children in Sokoto Metropolis, North-West Nigeria

  • I.A. Raji
  • A.U. Abubakar
  • M.M. Bello
  • A.Z. Ezenwoko
  • Z.B. Suleiman
  • A.A. Gada
  • B.U. Auwal
  • A.U. Kaoje
Keywords: Awareness; Factors; Knowledge; Malnutrition; Mothers; Under-five


Background: Malnutrition remains a killer of children, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. In Nigeria, malnutrition is among the top five killers of children under five years of age. This study aimed to assess the knowledge of factors contributing to child malnutrition among mothers of under-fives.
Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted among 347 mothers of under-five children who were selected using a multistage sampling technique from January to March 2018. Data were collected using an interviewer-administered questionnaire. Data were analysed using IBM SPSS® version 20.0. Descriptive statistics, crude and adjusted Odds Ratio (OR) with 95% Confidence Interval (CI) in cross-tabulation and binary logistic regression analysis, respectively, were estimated.
Results: More than half, 198 (57.0%) were aged 40 years and below. Most, 324 (93.4%) of the respondents were Hausas, with only 45 (13.0%) having tertiary education. Majority of the respondents, 326 (93.9%) knew that diarrhoea-causing diseases could lead to malnutrition. About two-thirds, 222 (64.0%) knew that deworming could protect a child from malnutrition. Less than half, 169 (48.7%) did not know that overeating starchy food can cause malnutrition. Overall, majority 216 [62.2% (95% CI = 56.9% - 67.4%)] of the respondents had good knowledge of factors associated with malnutrition. There were no statistically significant predictors of knowledge of factors contributing to malnutrition.
Conclusion: Mothers of under-five children in Sokoto metropolis had a high level of knowledge of the factors contributing to child malnutrition. However, there is still a need to continue educating mothers of under-five children on the importance of maintaining proper nutrition for their children.

Keywords: Awareness; Factors; Knowledge; Malnutrition; Mothers; Under-five


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