An improved model for identifying influential bloggers on the web

  • R.G. Jimoh
  • A.J. Bamidele
  • O.A. Enikuomehin
Keywords: Blog, Blogger, Social networks, Blogosphere, Influential bloggers, Influential, Models


With the introduction of Web 2.0 the Internet has take a new shape because many people are now have interest in finding materials and friends on the internet. Many users visit blog sites to read the posts and comment on them. Blog as been a way to influence others who read the blogs. Most people do read blog to gather information on things that are important before take major decision about them. Because blogger always share their experience on a topic for others to comments and through this others share their own experience. With the impact that influential blogger have in a community. The benefits of achieving competitive advantages in a blog community by identify influential blogger have created several research gaps and the popularity of these services has make the problem of identifying the most influential bloggers noteworthy, since its solution can lead to major benefits for the users of this services i.e. education, politic, participatory journalism, advertising, searching, commerce etc. The current works in this regard ignore some important aspects of the blogsphere. This paper discusses an hybrid method as an improvement to the existing methodologies. The results obtained confirm that current approach could significantly identify influential of bloggers on the web and the proposed model has better performance than other approaches. There are still a few of avenues for the future research. Future work can include more parameters like twitter shares, G+1s Pin shares etc into the literature and check for the behavior of the influence and future research can investigate more time in deciding weight parameter that is crucial for tuning between different influential factors.

Keywords: Blog, Blogger, Social networks, Blogosphere, Influential bloggers, Influential, Models


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2006-5523
print ISSN: 2006-5523