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A new two-tiered strategy to e-examination system

A.J. Ikuomola


Examiners have used many techniques in coping with examination malpractice and still we do not have an effective approach to examination system. The aim of this work is to combine fingerprint biometric and N-types techniques in designing an effective e-examination system. The idea is that fingerprint biometric is used as a suitable solution for rapid authentication of users in accessing the questions in the exam via the use of biometric devices. Also, an N-type technique is used to generate multiple question types for a given subject and map these types to each candidate using the monotonic (1:1) mapping scheme such that candidates adjacent to each other do not have the same type even if they are taking the same subject in the examination. The system is made up of three components: the pre-registration phase, configuration phase, and examination phase. The new system design was tested with data and the result shows that the proposed system is highly efficient in verification of user/student fingerprint and allows for error free and faster process of conducting and writing examination.

Keywords: Biometric, e-Examination, Fingerprint, N-type, Traditional Examination

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