Reconstructing African democracies for development in Africa through efficient communication and media engagement

  • E K Ngwainmbi
Keywords: poor communication, progressive, democracy, media, interventions


This article describes pitfalls experienced by the population and governments of African countries in their struggle to build democratic institutions and improve their own wellbeing. It describes poor communication among groups, corruption in the ruling party and the ambiguous role of observer missions and the media among the obstacles to democratic promotion. It also examines the mitigating impact of expatriates and African Diasporans’ participation in the democratic processes of their country of origin, and shows the extent to which Western and American models of democracy and internal practices of the ruling party and observer missions during elections have become deterrents of ‘progressive democracy’ in the countries. The paper then offers suggestions for progressive democracy, arguing that the practice of traditional governing methods, the respect for global peace, protection of indigenes’ personal interest and ‘compensation’ to local prospective voters, not the hardcore capitalist doctrine, are required to foster progressive democracy and expedite socio economic development in African countries.

Key words: poor communication, progressive, democracy, media, interventions


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print ISSN: 2305-7432