Comparative Ecology and Behaviour of Eastern Potto Perodicticus ibeanus and Central Potto P. edwardsi in Angola, Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda and Uganda

  • Averee M. Luhrs
  • Magdalena S. Svensson
  • K. Anne-Isola Nekaris
Keywords: Behaviour, nocturnal, Lorisidae, Perodicticinae, Perodicticus, taxonomy


Comparative behavioural research reveals both intra- and inter-species diversity among primates. Few long-term behavioural studies have been conducted on African nocturnal primates. Here we describe and compare behavioural and ecological observations on two species of pottos (Perodicticus ibeanus and P. edwardsi) across ten sites. We observed a total of 51 P. edwardsi and 28 P. ibeanus. We recorded all 21 postures within an established lorisid ethogram, as well as 42 of 50 behaviours. Eating, locomotion, freezing, resting and sniffing were the most common behaviours. We recorded behaviours not previously described for perodicticines, including bark chewing and unique vocalisations. Three species of pottos are now recognised, with potentially more species to be revealed within this cryptic and nocturnal genus. Although there are similarities among potto species, we show that unique ecological adaptations and behaviours may further elucidate their diversity.

Keywords: Behaviour, nocturnal, Lorisidae, Perodicticinae, Perodicticus, taxonomy


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eISSN: 1026-1613
print ISSN: 0012-8317