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A contribution to the avifauna of the <i>Acacia</i> woodlands in Burunge Wildlife management area, northern Tanzania

Chacha Werema


Wildlife management areas (WMAs) have been used as a wildlife conservation model with a dual purpose: improving wildlife conservation and livelihoods of rural communities. While some WMAs such as Burunge WMA have been found to support species-rich and abundant wildlife communities, particularly large mammals, some wildlife taxa, including birds, have not been thoroughly studied. This study reports on the bird species (as well as their relative abundances) found in Acacia woodlands in Burunge WMA. From 106, 20-species lists, 145 species were observed, including 22 out of 77 Somali – Masai biome-restricted species found in Tanzania. The results suggest that the Acacia woodlands in Burunge WMA provide habitats for a diversity of birds. Given the diverse avifauna, the Burunge WMA remains as an important birding site within the Tarangire – Manyara ecosystem, and therefore, improving awareness will not only make the area potential for avitourism, but also encourage further avian research.

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eISSN: 1026-1613
print ISSN: 0012-8317