Journal of East African Natural History

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Notes on the ecology and status of some forest mammals in four Eastern Arc Mountains, Tanzania

Norbert J Cordeiro, Nathalie Seddon, David R Capper, Jonathan MM Ekstrom, Kim M Howell, Isabel S Isherwood, Charles AM Msuya, Jonas T Mushi, Andrew W Perkin, Robert G Pople, William T Stanley


From 1993 to 2000, observations were made of small to medium-sized mammals in seven poorly known submontane forest reserves and one village forest in the North Pare, South Pare, East Usambara and Nguu Mountains, Tanzania. Of 26 species recorded, three are Red-Listed as Threatened (Endangered: Zanj elephant shrew Rhynchocyon petersi; Vulnerable: red-bellied coast squirrel Paraxerus palliates, and eastern tree hyrax Dendrohyrax validus) and five as Lower Risk (two dwarf galagos Galagoides spp., African buffalo Syncerus caffer, suni Neotragus moschatus, and Harvey's duiker Cephalophus harveyi). Most of our mammal records represent new distributions in the Eastern Arc Mountains, and one record of an unidentified squirrel in the Nguu Mountains is of conservation interest. Together with timber removal and cultivation, hunting appears to threaten the survival of mammals in these forests. There is an urgent need to establish long-term conservation programmes in these forests and more thorough surveys of mammals are necessary.

Journal of East African Natural History Vol. 94(1) 2005: 175-189[175:NOTEAS]2.0.CO;2
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