Journal of East African Natural History

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A herpetological reconnaissance of Mpala Research Centre, Laikipia, Kenya

SE Miller, JD Lazell


Reptiles and amphibians are reported from Mpala Research Centre, located in semi¬-arid savannah on the Laikipia Plateau of central Kenya, at 1650 m elevation at 0.293° N and 36.899° E. An intensive survey was undertaken 5-7 July 1998, supplemented by incidental sampling on other occasions. A total of 17 species are known from Mpala Research Centre: 4 toads and frogs, 1 tortoise, 7 lizards, and 5 snakes. .

Journal of East African Natural History Vol. 90 (1&2) 2001: pp. 103-107[103:AHROMR]2.0.CO;2
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