Journal of East African Natural History

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Conservation of biodiversity in the Sango Bay area, southern Uganda

H Bakamwesiga, P Kasoma, D Katabarwa, D Pomeroy


A series of biodiversity and socio-economic surveys carried out in the Sango Bay area of southern Uganda revealed high biodiversity values for some taxa in some sites. Use of this biodiversity and reliance on it by local communities was widespread. Biodiversity scores were given to all species and these were coupled with remotely-sensed data on land cover types to produce a biodiversity map for the area. On the basis of this map, zoning for different land uses is being proposed for the Sango Bay area. The implementation of the zoning plan should be in the form of an integrated conservation and development project.

Journal of East African Natural History Vol. 89 (1&2) 2000: pp. 37-44[37:COBITS]2.0.CO;2
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