Small mammals of two forest reserves in the North Pare Mountains, Tanzania

  • W T Stanley
  • P M Kihaule
  • M J Munissi


The first systematic survey of mammals for two forest reserves (Kindoroko and Minja) in the North Pare Mountains, Tanzania, is reported here. The North Pares are the most northerly Tanzanian representative of the Eastern Arc Mountains (EAM), and represent an important source of information of the biogeographical relationship between these ancient fault block massifs, and more recent volcanoes to the northwest. Our survey found a fauna that is not as diverse as neighboring EAM such as the South Pares and West Usambaras, but the presence of Hylomyscus arcimontensis, a recently described wood mouse from the Eastern Arc and Rungwe Mountains, indicates the North Pares share closer affinities to the mammalian fauna of the EAM than to nearby Kilimanjaro. Praomys delectorum was the most common rodent species sampled. The abundance of both shrews and rodents was significantly higher in Minja than in Kindoroko.

Journal of East African Natural History Vol. 96 (2) 2007 pp. 215-226

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eISSN: 1026-1613
print ISSN: 0012-8317