A new genus of Odontopygid Millipeds from Tanzania (Diplopoda: Spirostreptida: Odontopygidae)

  • Richard L Hoffman
  • Kim M Howell


The new generic taxon Calyptomastix is proposed to accommodate the type species Odontopyge kakandae Kraus, 1958, and, tentatively, Odontopyge dorsalis Carl, 1909, Haplothysanus leviceps Attems, 1909, and Spirostreptus pardalis Gerstäcker, 1873, all from Tanzania. This genus is defined by the broad basal separation of the male genitalia, the elongated basal whorl (torsion) of the gonopod telopodite, and the concealment of the solenomere within apical folds of the telopodite.

Keywords: Odontopygidae, Calyptomastix, distribution, Tanzania

Journal of East African Natural History 101(1): 67–72 (2012)

Author Biographies

Richard L Hoffman
Virginia Museum of Natural History Martinsville, Virginia 24112, USA
Kim M Howell
Department of Zoology & Wildlife Conservation, University of Dar es Salaam P.O. Box 35064, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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eISSN: 1026-1613
print ISSN: 0012-8317